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Mariana Iranzi is a professional bassist, composer, educator and performer based in New York City. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, she took her first steps into the world of music by the influence of her Great Grandfather Julio De Caro, a worldly recognized Tango composer, who gave her one of his precious pianos as a gift.

Mariana graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2005, where she was honored with a best achievement scholarship and a Bachelor's Degree in Professional Music, the perfect blend between Education & Performance. She has been actively involved in multiple professional projects for the past 20+ years, often collaborating with outstanding musicians and audio engineers from a variety of styles ranging from Rock, Folk and Jazz to Reggae, Blues and Latin rhythms, many of which have participated in the recording sessions for all of her albums.

In 2014, Mariana gave birth to her daughter, Manuela, an experience that forever transformed her both in a personal and artistic level. “Becoming a mother myself brought a fresh perspective to my daily teaching, composing and performing as well as reassuring my connection with the children and parenting world.” Mariana says. “Manuela became the best companion for all my musical adventures.”


Her albums Aventura Collage (2008), Hola Hello (2013) and Primavera (2017) were well received by the media and took her to perform at prestigious venues such as Austin City Limits, Brooklyn’s KindieFest, Lowell Summer Music Series and the Regatta Bar in Cambridge, MA. With regular appearances at the Boston Public Library and Boston Children’s Museum, plus many others around the Northeast, Mariana has shown to be an expert in the bilingual family music world.

Currently the Lower School Music Teacher at The Calhoun School in Manhattan, NY, Mariana also writes songs for Spanish For You, and plays the electric bass in two "grown-up" bands: Alejandro Meola & Robinsones and Canet.  

Mariana and Manuela at a Spanish music class in Harlem, NY a while back...

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