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"It is obvious from both the upbeat music and the catchy lyrics,                          that Miss Iranzi understands kids."

Hola Hello

"By far, one of the best bilingual CDs

to come along in a long while."

"I absolutely love it!"

"Her style is so distinct that I know I would immediately recognize her work."

"I do believe her version of Los pollitos dicen may be the best one I've heard."

"The music is bright and captivating"

"Children, and their parents and teachers,  will love all the songs on Hola Hello."

                         - Spanish Playground

"Whether or not you’re fluent in Spanish, Aventura Collage is a disc that needs to be in your children’s music collection."

Aventura Collage


Aventura Collage 

"This disc is a joy for all ages.

Unless you speak Spanish, you won't even realize it's a children's album."

"Experience a multicultural adventure with fun songs from Mariana Iranzi's first album.

An enjoyable listening journey with a lovely voice and great music."

"All of the music is fantastic"

 "it is a fiesta for all!"

 "It’s a musical experience that the whole family will enjoy!"

Hola Hello

"Through albums like this one, I hope that my children will take an active interest in learning to speak other languages and explore other cultures.”


Aventura Collage

"...el disco tiene impronta de fiesta, es muy fácil de disfrutar y corre el riesgo de repetirlo una y otra vez. Cd indispensable para cualquier niño y adulto con buen oído."

Entrevista radial y musical por Alelí Alegría Cuba, 


Por María Luz Carmona,


Por Juan Garff,


Por Marcos López,


Primavera Release Florida, USA
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